Can I return products for refund or exchange?

Yes. We’re always striving to make sure you get great products and services, but we know things can sometimes happen.

Our guarantee

We guarantee replacement, exchange or full refund for:

  • faulty products in unused condition
  • unused products that weren’t what you expected, like wrong size or colour
  • unused products that you want to return because you changed your mind or just don’t want

We don’t offer refunds, replacements nor exchanges for products:

  • after the backing is removed
  • that are damaged as a result of user error or improper application
  • that have been applied to any surface

How To Return or Exchange Our Products

  1. Within 30 days of the invoice date, send us a message with the reason for return and original invoice number.
  2. If the product is damaged, please send us a description of the issue and photos of the product with damage clearly visible.
  3. Let us know if you would like a replacement, exchange for an item of same or lesser value, or full refund.
  4. Our team will send you instructions for the next steps. We may or may not require the product be returned to us by postal mail. When we receive it, we’ll process your request and send confirmation to your email on the original order.
  5. If you don’t have your invoice number, we cannot guarantee a refund, replacement nor exchange. Contact us anyway, and we’ll assess each situation depending on circumstances.

Can we ask a favour?

We know it’s a terribly overused cliché, but the essence of it is central to the way we do business:

If you’re happy with us, tell the world. If you’re not, tell us.

It can be tempting to rant if something isn’t right with your order, whether in person, on our website, or on social media. It’s frustrating, we know.

But we’d like to ask that you please contact us first.

If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, we appreciate the opportunity to make it right. Give us a chance to work the problem out in a fair way.

We’re confident in our fair, respectful customer care response if things go sideways. Given the chance, we’re sure you’ll be among our loyal customers who are confident in us, too.

We welcome all your feedback, positive and otherwise, so we can keep improving and offer you the best service and products possible.

Please get in touch.